LION SUIT is a creative collective based in Nashville, with a focus on film, video, doc, and story.
LION SUIT DREAMSCAPE -- Ex-hero-firefighter Abe dreams of his childhood TV hero and a woman he's never seen. When she shows up in real life, he sets out through Nashville in search of her true identity but uncovers much more. [101 minutes / English]
  • What did you remember about your dream last night?

    — Tony, Lion Suit Dreamscape

Cast & Crew

    Brian Stone - Abe
    KristenMichelle Franks - Jessica 
    Joel McAnulty - Harold 
    Hans Chilberg - Tony
    Pap Shirock - Rona
    Cassidy Conway - Mary-Dawna
    Gerald Pitts - Geraldo Gwynn
    Lynda Evjen - Mrs. Grassporse
    Hunter Ingram - Father David
    Brian Feys - Cameron Bronk
    Susan Miller - Donovan Boss
    Paul Armstrong - Boss Gerald
    Patrick Dillon - TV’s Alien Vextor
    Hunter Johnson - Young Abe
    Madeline Buckley - Young Girl
    Alice Raver - Margaret
    Donnie Robinson - Being 1
    Zack Moscow - Barista
    Lanier Hutchison - TV’s Gene-Lo
    Kris Koon - TV’s Darrow Gray
    Sloane Southard - Landscaper 1
    Bryce Roberts - Ray
    Rebecca Lines - Diner Waitress
    James Mitchell - Diner Customer
    Kermit Easterling - Mean Fire Man
    Liz Thielmann - Crazy Haired Girl
    Diana Holland - Sober Cab Driver
    Joy (Sissy) Harrington - Sci-Fi Girl
    Otis B James -  Shaun
    Lilly Lomein - Bartender
    Spike Lomein - Sweet Abbourussa (dog)
    Eli Blomberg - Eli (dog)
    Hans Chilberg - Producer, Writer, Director, Editor
    Jonathan Mitchell - Producer, Cinematographer
    Brian Stone - Producer, Actor, Music/Score
    Jake Hernandez  - UPM, 1st Auxiliary Cinematographer
    Jared Rauso - 2nd Auxiliary Cinematographer
    Patrick Dillon - Production Sound Mixer
    Alex Himpelmann - 2nd Production Sound Mixer
    Ben Trimble - Music/Score
    Graham Fitzpenn - Music/Score
    Joy (Sissy) Harrington - Production Designer
    Clark Heldman - Production Designer
    Josh Carter - 3rd Auxiliary Cinematographer
    Zac Hudson - Assistant Sound Design/Foley
    Lynn Elliot - Legal Counsel